Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 12 - In Mexico

Well, Jake's been gone for over 4 months..Hannah and McKenzie are missing him more than ever. But they know he is where he is supposed to be. He seems really HAPPY this week...Hes getting a new companion..

hey everyone!!!!!!!:):):)
Another week gone by!!! we just received changes like 2 hours ago!! elder beardsly is going  to a place called oco singo near san cristobal. its on the northern edge of our mission, so i guess over there there's like a bunch of mayan stuff near there so thats cool :P
anyway idk who my new companion is yet or anything I'll find our tonight or tomorrow morning,
Hannah, thanks a ton for your emails!!! i love ya a ton!!! hurry and send MM 3!! it better be more action packed!!
so not a ton happened this week!!!!!
i totally forgot my agenda and my journal so i'm doing this from memory so sorry if I forget something!! :P:P

monday, we had normal pday and we taught a few people but not very many cuz were still really searching for investgators. we painted our wall to fix the nasty fire stain and it got really messy but ya!
tuesday we had a normal day, again we walked and taught a few members and such.
wednesday we went to chauites for lunch as usual and then came back and walked some more,
thursday we walked and walked and taught some members,
thursday we went to a members house (it was either thursday or friday,) but in the middle of the lesson, their parakeet was climbing all over us!! their wings are clipped so they cant fly but they use their beaks and feet to bite and climb things, this one lives on a mattress that is stood up on a wall so it was climbing me and elder beardsley during the lesson and every time you put your hand near it it would bite you!! so i had my hands in the air the whole time!! it was funny,:):) every one here has parakeets and they kinda annoying, but they can talk!! but its really funny, cuz in the house of Sister Sandra, she has 2 parakeets, husband isn't a member and apparently he swears sometimes and he tought their parakeets some swear words every time the parakeets are mad or something they scream it over and over again really fast!! hahaha!!
friday we just taught and walked around,
saturday was fast sunday so we fasted and it was good :): we downloaded some of our favorite conference talks and watched them over again and it was sweet :):)

we also saw a guy with a huge iguana today, they catch them alive and they tie their legs behind their backs and either stitch their mouths shut or tape them shut then you can keep them alive for a couple days so its fresh when you eat it!!! also i found out that down here i can get a paper that allows me to bring a spider monkey home to the states!!!!!! im freaking gonna get one!! they're dang cute and so funny!! ill see if i can get a photo this week of one, but i need a new camera since elder beardsly is leaving and that sucks :/:/
sunday we had fast sunday and i made a new sick BOM with a picture of Christ in the Americas, i decided i'm gonna get a BOM in every language possible in the world!!
anyway, thank you all for being such amazing examples and for loving me so much, thank you for all of your support and blessings and prayers :): its already been 4 months and its absolutely crazy!!!!  pretty soon ill be coming home and ill be able to see all of you again!!! i love you all!!! be safe and trust in the Lord!!!
yo se que esa iglesia puede cambiar tu vida.solo necisitas tener fé en nuestro hermano y salvador jesucristo. yo se que el nos ama muchisimo. yo amo a vosotros muchisimo tambien, esa mission cambio mi vida y yo solo tengo 4 meses ya. por favor escucha el espiritu santo y usa  la expiacion de jesucristo para recibir perdón de sus pecados. beunas suerte y quidansé
Elder Dansie
I know that this church can change your life, you only need to have faith in Christ our brother and savior. I know that he loves us a lot. I love ya'll a lot as well. this mission changed my life and I only have 4 months already. please listen to the holy ghost and use the atonement of Christ to receive forgiveness of your sins. good luck and take care of yourselves.

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