Monday, October 14, 2013

No Radio Show... September 24, 2013

Well, by now you know there was no radio show. I know many of you got to listen to a bunch of Mexican music hoping to hear Jake. He said its been a busy week.

hey everyone!!!!!!!
mommy daddy thank you for your emails!! sorry the radio didn't happen!! we showed up the the appointment and joel said he had something come up and sounded really rushed and busy so were gonna check on him today and have the radio again another week, ill tell you when so you can tell everyone!
McKenzie love you again and don't worry you;ll get asked to home coming :P especially since you're even better looking than i am ;)

Hannah, congrats you little stinker you!!! its pretty cool you got that award!!! maybe you can join the army with me and well be on the same team ;);) jk (mom wouldn't like that ;))

Speaking of army ........PFC Austin Aiello will be turning his papers in this next month!!!!!!!!!! hes a great kid and i love him like the brother i never had.

Taylor as well !!! That's so awesome!!! since hes going to Argentina hes going to learn voz its a different type of Spanish so he can have the fun time of communicating with me dad and Austin in all of different spanishes!!
and right now in the middle of this email my computer died so i had to go to another and i thought i lost my email. 

Right now were teaching a lady named Reina, shes the daughter of a member and she actually is doing a good job of reading and keeping her promises!!! her dog had three puppies and since Elder Beardsly named her new kittens i got to name the puppies, molly is the girl and jacob is the boy!;) and the other boy is named winner but mexicans make it sound like theyre saying..weiner... so .. thats... fun..

other than her we don't have any progressing investigators with a baptismal date. it kinds sorta really blows.

At our activity on Saturday... it was great!!! it started a little rough and didn't exactly follow the plan but it went good and everyone loved it!!!! they love french toast and our members are always asking us to come over and cook more!!!  we had tons of games and we played rat tail which is a game at scout camp i learned and they people loved it!!!
Anyway, Im doing good here, its just crazy that everyone is doing crazy stuff!!! 
Taylor, congrats again!!!!! 
and Austin, congrats!!! i love you both very much!!! 
also, Dawson, where in samhill is my email!? i know for a fact you don't have much to do right now cuz its raining!!!!

lex, taylor, same to you!!!! where is my email!!! mariah is keeping up alright!!! (every once in a blue moon ;) still waiting for an email from jessica and sumner as well!!!

hope all is well with ya'll and that you're all happy and healthy. I'll write more and send some pictures next week :):) 
We also had the baptism of Fatima this week and it was super funny, the water in our font was so cold!!!!!!! 
I messed up the prayer like three times but we made it!!!

Any way, scripture challenge this week is gonna be..let me look... one sec...2 Nephi 29.this chapter answers the question " does the bible contain all of gods word?" and also its interesting to study because people here use the scripture revelations 22:18 to say that all prophesies and revelations have ended and there can never be anymore of gods word but that doesn't make sense because the book of revelations was written BEFORE the gospel of john therefore if they say that then they're denying all of the gospel of john which is a large chunk of the bible. also in Duteronomy 4:2 i believe, i don't remember exactly, it says the same thing about prophesies ending and gods word becoming finished so doesn't that mean the rest of the new testament which was written after the old testament is adding to the word of god? those scriptures actually mean 1 that revelations will come to pass, because obviously when something happens it no longer is revelation it has already happened, and 2 any MAN that is adding or taking from gods word will be cursed. but any prophet can add to the word of god in the name of god and under gods direction. i KNOW Joseph Smith WAS A PROPHET. any any one that says other wise can try to prove it. speaking of that, also read the talk called, "Profile of a prophet." a supreme court justice of Great Britain trys to prove to an Apostle in about the 40s i believe that Joseph Smith was false and even a supreme court justice couldn't do it, one of the smartest people in the world! i know for a fact this church is true and i will never doubt that fact ever again. 

anyway, i love y'all very much!! have a great week and stay safe!!!!

para siempre dios este con vos, quidensé, exito y adelante,

god be with you till we meet again, take care of yourselves, have success, and get going!!!

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