Monday, October 14, 2013

Spilled Mexican Vanilla - September 29, 2013

Another great email from Jake. Hes getting worried about getting a new companion - in the next transfers..

The sad thing is that this change will be my last with Elder Beardsly its like a 99% chance cuz hes been here for 8 months and the max is 9 in one area so ya hes probably gonna leave in two weeks.

the american breakfast was super funny!!! vanilla pilled in my backpack and it soaked my agenda ill have to send a picture!!
I'm really glad dad gave me the idea thanks daddy!!!

 :):) any way heres how the week went!!!!

Monday we didn't Do much just cleaned the house and rested!!!we Taught Valentina my recent baptism walked a bunch and visited Marcos a great member kid :):)

Tuesday we visited Lucero the sister of Valentina, Hilda a 20 year old lady who owns a store and has a bunch of money, shes Marcos' cousin, had lunch at sister Lousisas house who loves us and gives us a TON of food!!!! she makes things things called tlayudas, there like giant and i mean like 1 1/2 feet across giant quesidillas with steak and im addicted and have been for like 4 weeks!!!! we eat at her house for dinner usually like 2 times a week and she send tlayudas with her son to our house at night when were hungry!!! its crazy!!!! we also walked a ton and visted Antonio and Angel, the guys who believe that the catholic church has the priesthood and believe that worshiping idols is good,  and another lady named Erica who has a baptismal date for the 9th of November, shes really awesome and understands a ton!!!

Wednesday, elder beardsly had a fever of like 103 degrees so he stayed in bed and rested, we went to chauties for lunch and had this pulled pork stuff, it was alright, then went back and we rested some more, he still is feeling a little sick today (5 days later) so not much happened today,

Thursday elder bearsdly is feeling a little better and we had our weekly planning session and we visted some members, but some stuff well through so we ended up walking alot and then we had tlayudas at Sister Luisas house for dinner,
also we decided were gonna try to have a movie in the park activity here!! tapana is kinda boring in the sense that nothing happens, but it is really calm and beautiful!!

Friday elder beardsly was still sick, we were able to visit some people but again a whole bunch of people were going to and we walked a ton! nothing much really happened today!!

Saturday we again, walked a ton!! and elder beardsly is still sick!!! we've been looking for baking soda to get rid of some of his canker sores but cant find any, also we had dinner with some investigators and they got us,,,, tlayudas!! from Hermana Luisa!!! 

Sunday we went to church and nothing really happened but we walked a ton and didnt have anyone to visit so i saw a lady moving ciderblock and i asked if she needed help and contacted her and she let us in and we had a lesson!! awesome!! also  we got back to the house i found a baby snapping turtle so i uploaded a pic to drop box!!!
 any way i love you all!!! im out of time but have a good week and be safe!!!!

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