Monday, October 14, 2013

Conference Weekend -Is Jake starting a zoo? October 7, 2013

Jake got to watch conference almost in realtime. They just had to bring an investigator...

hey ya'll!!!

so Hannahs JROTC picture is so SICK!!!!! i want that flag!!! ;);)

Thanks so much for your support and love!!! your such an amazing family and I'm so happy and blessed to have you!!! :):):)

So we went to the Saturday morning conference with an investigator, we can go the the Sunday morning alone but the others we need investigators says our Mission President so thats what we did, Saturday afternoon we worked, the Sunday morning i couldnt understand cuz it was in spanish but Sunday morning we watched in in english as well as Sunday after noon with the zone leaders of chauites, theyre awesome! i really loved the sunday morning, just that fact that President Monson said this is the most spiritual conference session i have ever attended means a ton, we figured out hes been to about 700 sessions.....

not much happened this week!!!
Monday was lame we barley taught 2 people.
Tuesday nada, we walked a ton,
Wednesday nada we walked a ton and our family home evening fell again,
Thursday nothing, me and elder beardsly talked alot about paintball and how me and elder kikel are gonna have our own buisness!!! ;);)
Friday, nothing again, we went to this house for the third time to try and contact the godmother and godfather of our little investigators valentina and lucero and these 4 guys got the grandma who then proceeded to say that they dont like us and that when someone says that somebody isnt home it means they dont want to tal to us. and we were like oh!! that makes so much sense!!  also we had another radio interview that i forgot to tell ya'll about!!!! sorry!!! but its ok im getting a recording and well have a third in two weeks, elder beardsly is gonig to leave this next week for sure, hell have 9 months here in tapana and thats the max so it looks like im here in tpana for another month and half half which is ok cuz i love it here!!
Saturday conference.
Sunday just conference really,

not much really happened this week but i know that if we keep working we will be blessed with work and blessings, so many we wont be able to receive them.

challenge, read Alma 53 - Alma 60 about the stripling warriors and they're amazing example, they're really awesome and its my favorite story in the BOM!!

anyway, to all my friends at home,danika dawson trevor, taylor austin jessica mariah and all my missionary buddies aaron parker alex and stormy and kevin and colten!! hang in there and be safe!!! i love ya'll!!1

To The Herriman Hills Ward!!! all the young men and women, 
Wear the Armor of the Lord in all moments because the devil will slither into any hole or crack he can find, put on ALL the armor, not just your helmet, we mush be "spiritually fit" thanks conference!!! 
love ya'll!! and if anyone wants to email me feel free!!! 
colby, brado, trint anyone!!! love ya'll and be safe!!! 

Elder Dansie

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