Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 14 in Mexico

Well, Jake's been in Mexico for 14 weeks, and on his mission for 21 weeks (just over 5 months). Time has flown by. We all still miss him tons, but look forward to Mondays between 11am and 1pm...for Jakes latest escapades.

Sorry you didn't get and email last week, the internet place was having problems and it didn't send or work, its lame, even today we had to go to 4 internet places to find a computer to use cuz they were all closed. 

anyway!! were good here!! me and elder lamb are working really hard!!!
i pray harder and more frequently than i ever have, i work harder than ever, and i love doing it, i even brush and floss my teeth twice a day and im cleaner here than i was at home!!! really im a totally different person. 

every day i get up, get ready and i when the day starts i work hard ALL day. i walk and walk and walk and even out walk Elder Lamb to where he needs to take breaks. I'm working like a machine here. me and Elder Lamb have almost no one to teach here because the members don't help and because there are only 34 active members right now as when i came there was 65 to 70. we have a list of 400 inactive members that we got from the president that we have no idea where they live or why they aren't at church, so every day we spend 2 to 3 hours searching for people to try and help bring them back. 

i want to give my best to the lord in everything in my life, from Spanish, to medical school, to wrestling, i want to take his gifts and my talents and use them completely.

i love you mom and thank you for being such an amazing parent, i know i would NOT be where i am if it wasnt for you and my father. i love you both very much and my gorgeous little sisters as well.

anyway, not a ton happened this week, weve been teaching very little because we dont have many people to teach and our great investigator erica left for mexico city for a week and we havent seen her in almost 2, so were a little worried so if you could pray for her thatd be awesome :):) 

also our ward is having alot of problems wiuth leadership, we have none, and we have like our branch president and the elders qorum pres. and thats it so no one helps us. but oh well, well keep trucking!!!

its really nice here in tapanatapec. its so quiet and calm and they people here for the most part are really nice!! i love tapana. im gonna have a house here someday ;)

the only things other than search for our missing 400 members.
i have even help fix cars at sister Ines house for her husband Pedro! its awesome!!!!

i have big O`l ingrown toenails in both my big toes and they hurt dang bad but i keep trucking and even working out twice a day! haha its crazy the things you can do when the lord gives you the desire to work :):)

i love you all very much, ill makes sure to have a more fun week so that i have more to tell yall but really all were doing here is walking and working.

the lord really has changed my life in these short 5 months and i know that every day i am more the man that he wants and needs me to be. 

i am a soldier in the army of the one TRUE and LIVING god, and i will not stop, rest, or give up the fight until the war is over. the devil and his minions and bad people don't rest in their attempts to destroy the world, and so i  WILL NOT rest in my efforts to save it.

i am super man in a sense, white shirt, tie, working for the people every day and there are still those that want him dead. (look up superman is LDS, an article by an elder)

i love you all very much and my heart grows every day to make room to accompany all the new people i meet and to increase my love for all of you as my friends and family at home. i love you all and I'm going to be the best i can to give my love for all of you as the lord would have me do.

this weeks scripture is one i got from my little sister Hannah.

Joshua 1:9 I believe. 
" and behold, i give you power that you may tread on scorpions and crush snakes heads, so that nothing, will have the power to hurt you."

this church is the true church of god, and any one who says other wise is fooling themselves. i will ALWAYS put my God first but i also will ALWAYS be here to serve and help my brothers and sisters when they are in need. Jesus Christ did every single action with love and compassion, but that never once meant he was soft with people, when people were wrong he told them, when people were selling things in the temple, he beat them with a whip! " thou shalt NOT make my fathers house, a house of merchandise!"

i love all of you very much and i will always be here to help anyone in need at any given our at any inconvenience to my personal self. i wish you all luck during this week and i pray every day for your happiness, safety and success in work and life. every one in my family and every single one of my friends by name. 

i love you all. until next week. para siempre dios este con vos.

Elder Dansie.

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