Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 15 in Mexico - New Companion - Elder Lamb

Jake is really struggling with the decreasing numbers of active members in his area. I never realized how much missionaries rely on good ward/branch leadership and on good ward/branch mission leaders. But most importantly, (different from when I was on my mission) is that missionaries need us as members to share the gospel and provide the missionaries with people to teach! May each of us find ways to share the Gospel with those around us- so we can keep all of these missionaries busy.
Please remember Jake and Elder Lamb, in your prayers- that they may be guided and directed in their daily activities.

thanks momma!! i love you!!! i forgot the memory card of the camera in the house but ill post pictures a little bit later today!!
my new companions name is Elder Lamb!! he has brown hair and is only like 1/4 Mexican because his grandma is Mexican but really hes so white!! hes really cool. were having alot of fun and were doing good!! were super excited for missionary man 3!! he loves them and thinks they're way funny!! 

me and elder lamb are still working hard even though our numbers keep getting worse. yesterday we only had 28 people in church which is pretty sad but were still trucking!!! 

this mission is really changing me. i workout every day i take better care of my teeth and really everything else in the sense of personal hygiene. 

i can speak Spanish and well as the fact that i actually do the things i want to do now. 

i love you mom and im happy that your proud of me but i really am going to do more to show how grateful i am for the sacrifices you and dad have given to me and for the blessing and talents our Heavenly Father has given me. 

i love you and thank your for everything you do 

i love you mama and thank you for being the family that i needed here on earth. im gonna write the girls some letters and im excited to talk to y'all at Christmas :):)

 i love you and have a good week and be safe!!! 

love jake.

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