Sunday, December 8, 2013

No news, no news, no news, then Good News!

Hi All!
We haven't posted on the blog in a while. We really haven't heard much from Elder Dansie since the last post. There have been a couple of weeks when he had computer troubles, and only had the chance to say that he loves us and is well. Then, there were other weeks when he was feeling down because of his struggling area, and really just didn't have too much to say. But, even though there was a lack of news in general, the good news is that Elder Dansie is healthy and well.
Those who know and love Jake understand that he can be forgetful and easily distracted! He has promised pictures the last few weeks, but every week he forgets his camera or his cord. As parents we desperately want to hear from him, and how he is doing. But we also understand that this is just the way it will be sometimes. We hear from other missionary parents that sometimes there is just a lack of communication. I talked to one mom that says she hears more about her son’s mission from the mothers of his companions that she has friended on fb!
We got an email from him finally last Monday with some good detail. It was still pretty short and sweet, but between what he sent us and what he sent the girls, we can piece it together.
Jake's last area was really floundering. I know that he was very frustrated with the work. He expressed that he was pretty discouraged a few times. The area had 700 baptized members, but when Jake first got there, only 75 members attended the branch. Before Jake left the attendance was down to 35 members. He, his companion, and the Branch President were the only endowed,  priesthood holders. I can only image how frustrating and worrisome that was for him.
He is in a new area, and sounds excited and happy again. He sounded most excited about the Walmart! Funny kid, we sure love him. We continually pray for his safety and happiness. We are excited that he has this time to grow and really find out who he is. Hopefully we get some more good details tomorrow. I will get back in the habit of posting weekly.
Hey everyone!!!!! So, I’m really sorry about how crazy last week was, I was really stressed in Tapana but now it’s a lot better here, I’m going to do better now about writing and I’m going to post all my pictures too :):)
I got transferred to Tuxtla the big city and I’m in an area called Bosque 1 my companion is the District Leader named Elder Gonzalez and he has 16 months and is only 6 months older than me. He's really chill!! Even more chill than Elder Lamb! 2 things that happened that made last week crazy. One was when we started writing. Elder Lamb got an email that his parents that said they are getting divorced. So, then we were calling the president and got all distracted. Then I was panicked because I had to pack and all my ish! I wasn't ready for that!
But now I’m in Tuxtla, and oh my gosh we have a Walmart!!!! It's so nice!!!!! Hahahaha sad that a Walmart makes me sooo happy huh :P We are doing good here! My companion is awesome, and we teach a ton here. It's really good! The house we live in is a little dirty, but I’m cleaning it today. I'm going to post all my photos today later if I have time or another day if I can, cuz i forgot my camera and chord. But I’ve been taking a bunch of pictures. If you can find the Walmart and Sam’s Club in Tuxtla on Google Maps, that's kind of my area. It's all hills and it sucks to walk, but the teaching is good!!! Anyway I’ll write more about the stuff here next week, I love you all and hope you have a good week!!!
Be safe and remember…..
When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, It's then you'll be successful.
The things that seem like large sacrifices now, will in turn, change to be one of the best investments you will ever make in this life. Gordon B. Hinkley.
I love you all a ton and have a good week and be safe, Love Jake :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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