Monday, July 29, 2013

Life in the MTC

Jake spent 6 weeks in the Provo MTC. He was able to see a lot of his friends there. He met lot's of new people, and learned a lot about the gospel. He entered the MTC slim, tan, and buffed out from climbing and swinging from trees all summer. He left looking slightly different :) (a little pasty white)

He will be glad to get out from underneath those florescent lights and back out into the world where he loves to be!

Here are just some of the friends he was able to see in the MTC

Elder Aaron Bowen

Elder Parker Kikel

Elder Spencer Halford (Camp Hunt)  

Elder Brown (from theater class)

Here are some pictures of his district and zone.

Jacob was jazzed and ready to go! This is the night before he left the MTC. Here he is gettin in a little Jedi training before he takes on the world.

to be continnued..............................

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