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Elder Dansie left the MTC at around 2 am Monday July 22nd. His flight left SLC airport at 5:45am.  The general consensus is that he probably didn't sleep but 2 hours if at all before his long trip.

That morning, his companion called him into the room right before they were to leave. He told Jake that he wouldn't be going on with him to Mexico. He was going home instead. Jake expressed his sadness to be losing his companion, and  he wished that Elder Mackey was feeling better about his mission. But, he went on alone.

We got a call at around 10 am from Texas! It was Elder Dansie calling from the Dallas airport. He sounded is good spirits. He was tired, and feeling sick from a bad head cold he's been fighting for a week. He was disappointed that his companion wasn't with him, and for the first time in 6 weeks he was ALONE. We were so happy to talk with him, and he said he would call when he got to Mexico City during his 3 hour layover there.

We didn't hear from him.

Finally that evening at 10 pm we got an email. He was in the Zone leaders apartment. We were able to email back and forth for a bit. He was tired (up for about 23 hours at this point) and in MAJOR culture shock!

He told us that the Mexico City Airport was a crazy mess and that the phones didn't work. He got lost, and had to have 3 people escort him to his flight. He almost didn't make it. His carry on wouldn't fit in the Mexico airlines overhead compartment, and he said he was the dumb gringo struggling with his luggage that everyone was staring at.

He was picked up from the airport by 3 native, Spanish speaking elders. One of them introduced himself as Jake's companion. (He thinks that what he said anyway) They took him to meet the Mission President and wife and 19 other new missionaries for dinner. He said not one of them spoke any English.

Pick up at the Airport
At this point Jake said he was starting to really freak out. He told us that it was hotter than Satan's Butt Crack there, and that he couldn't understand a word anyone said. He said they all just kept telling him tranqillo, tranquillo, and it was ticking him off! Paul explained that they were just trying to calm him. Jake said it wasn't working.

First dinner in Mexico!
We ended our email conversation with words of encouragement and love from all. He said he thought that he would be going to his first area in the morning, but couldn't be sure because he doesn't know what they taught him in the MTC, but is wasn't Spanish ;)

Needless to say it was a WORRISOME week for all who love Elder Dansie.
 We were SO HAPPY to receive this email today!!

Hey every one!!!!! I'm just  gonna send one big email so that it works cuz the email here is a little sketchy :P I hope everyone is doing well!!!!!! First i'll tell you a little bit about here then i'll answer your emails after :)
My companions name is Elder Beardsly! He's from St George and i'm so happy that I got an American as my trainer, it really has made me feel so much better. I'm learning Spanish better and faster everyday and he really is helping. He has 13 months out here in the mission and he said it goes by so fast. 

The people down here are awesome!!! We got 12 baptismal acceptances this week!!! So, I hope they all go through!!!!! 

Our house is this little tiny shack and it gets super hot! Everyone's house is kinda half open and half closed to the elements because its so hot and everyone has hammocks here and they're dang comfortable. The food is usually good except that its making e sick while I adjust to it. My stomach doesn't like it, but oh well. The people down here eat IGUANAS!!!!!!!!!! It's so freaking cool!!!! I haven't tried it yet but i'm stoked!!! 

Here in my first area, Tapanatapec, its a little town in the middle of the jungle, but they have these things called moto taxis, little 3 wheeled scooter things that are so sketchy but fun to ride in!! For 7 pesos they'll take you any where in Tapana! (like 13 pesos equal a dollar right now.) Down here, even the rich people seem poor to us. I'ts basically like a 2 year camping trip!

And the bugs!!! There are some weird bugs here!!! They have the spiders that are in Harry Potter ( the ones that mad eye moody messes with!!!!!!) I'm serious!!! And they have 1/2 inch ants that are huge!!! and MEAN!!! and Bees the size of ping pong balls!!!! No exaggeration!!!!! I have pictures!! 

Any way ;) what else, hmmmmm the regular stuff here is weird, all of our water is bottled because the public is bad for drinking, and the milk is gross, it's like in the box stuff and its nasty. But, other than that it's fun and i'm happy!!!!

I'm glad everyone is doing good back home :) Hannah i'm so excited for new missionary man books!!! they'll be super funny!!!!! 
Mom, thank you so much for your quotes and your help, it really did make me feel a lot better today and i really am starting to enjoy it here. It is hotter than the devils balls$$$ and its so dang humid that we carry towels for sweat. But it's OK!!!!

I defiantly felt like the second picture Mom, because the first one was the MTC, the second one was here because of the whole, I can't swim with a parachute on and Spanish is defiantly my parachute ;) The people are really nice about the language barrier thought, and they listen even when we stutter.

The people here call us Guerros (white guy!) it's super funny, and we've already had run ins with 3 drunk people. Everyone gets drunk on the weekends. So, Saturdays and Sundays are interesting.

We have a little tiny house of prayer, and about 50 member come to church every week when we have about 300 total. We work with members a lo, and the inactive members. We actually don't tract any more, its time wasting and doesn't accomplish much. So, now we work with the members and inactive members for references and just contact people in the street. It works a lot better and we get things done!  

I hope dad and Kenzie are doing well. I will be able to email at this time every week (well around 11) so IDK what time it is there but its 11 here haha. Any way, i'll send some pictures and I hope that everyone is safe and is doing good! 

These 2 years are going to fly by!!!! I love all of you very much and I cant wait to see you all again.
Love Elder Jacob Paul Dansie

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