Saturday, July 6, 2013


On June 12, 2013 we dropped Elder Dansie of  at the MTC. We had a pull up time of 1:25. The drop off procedure at the MTC indicates that you are to pull up to the curb at your assigned drop off time, unload your missionary, say a quick goodbye and then depart.

For weeks we dreaded the event, and tried to imagine what it would be like. We had a nice brunch on Wed morning. Parker was able to come over. Everyone felt calm and peaceful. The ride to the MTC was enjoyable. It was fun to listen to Jake chatter away in the back seat. We all know it would be a long time before we heard that chatter again.

We were able to arrive a bit early, and park at the west side of the Provo Temple. There is a nice field of grass and a beautiful view of the temple. We got out and took some pictures and chatted a bit. After about 15 minutes, we all started to feel anxious. We knew it was time, and really were all ready to go at that point.

We pulled in, and were directed all the way to the end of the drive, clear to the bottom of the MTC. There was an army of missionaries there directing traffic and assisting all of the missionaries being dropped off. There was a section for the sister and a section for the elders. It was all very organized and efficient, complete with a color coded post it note stuck to our windshield. We didn't expect any less.

The drop off took all of about 4 minutes. We got out the luggage, set it on the curb, hugged him goodbye, and he was off! He didn't even look back. We know he had his head in the game. He always does when it's crunch time. We love you buddy. Our hearts broke a little as you walked away, but we were comforted and reassured that you are where you should be.

See you in 2.

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