Saturday, July 6, 2013

Family's are Forever

Shortly before Jake left, we had the opportunity as a family to have our portraits taken.We planned to have Jake's missionary portraits taken the first half of the session, and then our family pics the second half. We went to a new studio, and knew it would be a risk, but the risk paid off! We were blessed with an excellent photographer who did a wonderful job. We ended up with some precious memories, and we had a great time.

Jake has loved Superman forever. Somehow, he started collecting stuff, and soon it became part of his "brand". He is a superman to us, and we wanted to take some fun pics that represented his fun side, and also because we know he will be a super missionary!

Hannah posted a quote on her wall a couple of months ago when Jake started preparing to leave on his mission. It says...

Missionary: Someone who leaves their family for two years, so that other families can be together forever.

We love you Jake, so much! We will miss you, but we celebrate that we are a forever family.

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  1. I just was able to get to this blog. This is awesome! A grandparents dream! Such a handsome young missionary and his beautiful family all posted for me to see. Thanks you for posting these! Love, Grandma