Monday, September 2, 2013

Hey Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 5 -We are way behind on getting this posted. More fun stories from Jake! We are happy he is doing well!

Hey everyone!!!!!!

I'm glad you're all having a good week :) I'M GLAD THIS WEEK WENT BY FAST MOM!!! AND I'M SORRY MY PICTURES SCARE YOU!!! THERE ARE SOME THINGS HERE THAT SCARE ME BUT I JUST buck up and take it. Sorry about the caps lock I hit it accidentally, and now i'm too lazy to retype, so sorry :P

Thanks so much for you're support always.

Hannah, I haven't gotten the new missionary man yet, maybe in the next meeting I will because my mail goes to the office, and the secretaries are supposed to deliver it when they see us, which is never!!

How is Kenzie doing? How is school for you girls?Ii hope everything is doing good :)

How's Meeko and Maggie and Max??? Do we think Meeko is going to be around when i get home? I hope so!

It's ok about my camera, i'm gonna make Elder Beardsly take a bunch of pictures and steal some from him! 

Now i'm going to tell you the crazy things from this week :P

We've had lessons but not very many because Latinos are notorious for forgetting appointments. and were loosing investigators like crazy. Can I also say I hate Spanish keyboards? Dumb things.

Monday, nothing really happened, Tuesday pretty much the same, Wednesday we had our reunion de districo as always, and that was boring as always. Church meetings still put me to sleep, So I have to work at it to stay awake.:P 

After that, we had some friend chicken at the Sister member's house who owns the Micro and is rich, she feeds us and the zone leaders every Wednesday and this Sunday she asked me what I wanted to eat Wednesday, so were gonna have bacon cheeseburgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday just went by without much happening, and Friday kinda the  same. The days mix together when they're boring when nothing new happens. Saturday we invited Hermana Irisema to be baptized again, shes an amazing lady, her husband Oscer is a stud!!! We call him the Big O or Osc sauce, he's a recent convert and her two younger daughters have been members for years her third isn't. But, she said no because she wanted to get her own answer and wants to learn more even though she knows everything. Sadly she didn't come to church yesterday after going 3 weeks in a row.  

Sunday was alright, slow but alright. We announced our idea for an open house with an all american breakfast. We are going to have a tour of the church, and we're going to cook french toast and hash browns!!! It's gonna be sweet!!!! We're also going to have 3 legged races, bobbing for apples, the egg and spoon race, and musical chairs and horseshoes. The members are stoked, and we're getting it around. The breakfast was idea of Dad's from his mission and so it's what were doing!! ;)

Today we had a multi-zone activity where we got to play sports with everyone from 8 AM to 2 PM it was awesome!!! My first time playing soccer with Latinos and they're crazy!!! they can all do crazy tricks then there's the white guys in my zone and the other zone just tripping and missing the ball. It was super funny! then we played basketball and I wrecked ;) white man's sport ;) J/K. Elder Lopez is an elder in my zone who works in a place called Zapanatapec, no not Zanatapec, its different. and he always wants to wrestle me so today I showed him some stuff, since we cant wrestle :P Any way, now i'm staring at my email thinking , wow, did I bleed all over my computer screen?? Oh, no it's just spell check because my computer hates English. Oh well!! That's all.

I love ya'll very much!!! Thank you so much for you're support and thank you for everything you have ever done for me. My friends as well, I know that I have some great examples to me out there, and I know you've all done great things to help me in my life. I only have three more things to say.

Taylor Burke, get your FREAKING papers in!!
Lex Border, email me!
Sumner Grierson, email me!!! 

And finally, anyone else who wants to email me please do as well :)
I love you all!!!!

buenos suerte con todo en sus vidas y tienen seguridad y salud.
entonces, la proximo lunes,

para siempre dios este con vos!!

Missionaries in his District (with Mission President in the middle front row)

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