Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BAM!! Another week gone

We absolutely LOVE Monday's at our house! Jake's emails are always so fun to read. This week was no exception! WARNING: If you are squeamish about bodily fluids, you might want to skip this one ;) On the other hand, there are cool pictures at the end! I love this kid SO MUCH. He is real, he is funny, and most of all he is kind and compassionate. I know that his testimony grows every day. I could not be any prouder of my DARLING son! I hope you enjoy reading and laughing. It's good for the soul.

BAMMM!!! Another week gone!!! 

Time is flying here! But, things are beginning to get a little hard!
We've had to drop 11 investigators who had baptismal dates :(  because they are being lame and super flojo (lazy) and ya. But, we love them, and we want what's best for them, so were still praying for them and will keep trying. We haven't found very many people to teach this past week. Hopefully will have better luck in the week to come.

SO MUCH stuff has happened since I wrote you last!

Yesterday I ate Chicharon. It's basically pig skin that's boiled and put in a sauce. It is SICK!!!!!!!!!!!! The taste wasn't too bad, but it was the texture and the hair!! Nasty.

The other thing I ate that was horrible, is MolĂ©. It's basically the worst thing in the entire world. Again, it tastes fine. Like, it's not gross at all. But, or should I say butt, the stuff they put in it is pretty much death for North Americans. (Us Gringos)

It has chocolate, garlic, onion, and a whole bunch of other shniz in it. The combination of which literally destroys you, and makes you feel like it has shut down every organ in your body for the two days after you eat it.

Elder Beardsly warned me not to... ( he didn't eat any) but, I told myself that I would try everything at least once, and so I ate it. I regretted it for the next two days as I cried on the toilet. Almost literally.

This week we also started a "poop diary", because we have a lot of poop stories.

Diary entry: This was about a dog after church on Sunday. We were walking by and it copped a squat right in front of us. This is a normal occurrence. But then, it shot out this huge stream of diarrhea, and made this horrible squishing noise! He must have eaten some Mole.

Diary entry: We were in Chauites for our district meeting. We were walking down the side of the road. I was leading and Elder Beardsly was behind me. This livestock truck, loaded with cows, with like bars for the sides, passes right next to us. Like 3 feet away on our left.  As it passes, this cow releases a giant gushing river of green slime down the side of this truck like 3 feet from our heads!!!! Sick.

Dairy entry: I was feeling sick. We had just eaten and we were on our way to  teach another lesson, when it hit. And when the urge hits you, it hits you. Long story short, I pooped my pants before I could make it to the church and get to a bathroom. It was horrible. But I got cleaned up, and after a shower I put myself back together, off we went again.

Diary entry: We were teaching a lesson with a family in their home. They have a little girl named Kimberly. In the middle of the lesson she squatted down to pick up a book and we heard this huge fart. No big deal, little kids do that. The big deal was the fact that they don't have diapers, and Elder Beardsly started freaking out because the poop started leaking through her pants and making a puddle on the ground!!!!!!!!!!

The older sister took Kimberly into the other room to change her, but in mid change, she walked back out into the room with us without any pants on!!! The she proceeded to start touching me!! And she was trying to touch my face!!! Then Elder Beardsly took out his pen and pushed her away from us with his pen, like you would a bug, bahahahaha super gross!!!!!!!

Really though, all of the loose stool experiences aside, it's SO FUN down here! I love this place, and the people are awesome. There are rude and bad people here just like anywhere else in the world. But, I know that the people of Mexico need the blessings that I have in this book. The Book of Mormon. 

Really, I recognize that this mission has already been such a blessing for me, and I know that is going to continue to be. I know that i'm not supposed to be anywhere else in the world, except for right here, right now. 

Thank you so much for your support, and your letters every week, and your love! I know that I am going to receive so many blessings from serving my mission, as well as my family. I love you all so much!!! I posted all of my pictures so far. Until I get a new camera, there wont be any more.(my camera broke this week)

I love you all and thank you so much for being such amazing friends and family!!! I know that I really am blessed to have all of you in my life. I love you all very much!!!! 

Until next week,

Harry Potter Spider (dead)


So green!!

Not sure who's church this is, put its pretty!
Jake's House

Study Room


What it that PVC thing?!

Awkward selfie shot

Silly Elders

I miss those dirty boots in the middle of my living room floor!

Little town in the jungle

Very clean room! 

I see a fan and a power cord. There must be electricity!!

That shower gives me dry heaves. He better be wearing his shower shoes!

You know it!

They are just what I pictured!! How fun!

What a beautiful little church!

Giant Mean ant

Iguana on the chopping block

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