Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hooray for Pictures!

Jake sent us pictures this week and we are thrilled!! He sounds like he is really happy! 

Thanks Mom ma for your email and Dad and Hannah too!!! They really are fun to read, and I love to get email :):):) We can't get letters here. They go to the mission office, then to the zone leaders, then us. So if you send physical letters, just send them to the mission home :) Same with packages :):)

So, we made french toast and it was amazing!!!!!!!!! Also, i'm making my Italian dressing chicken tonight, YUM!!! 

Mom, my shoes are already broken in and they are holding up great, Elder Beardsly has the same shoes and he says that they lasted him like 12 months :)  So that's good! My orthodics are working good and my leg never hurts. I am taking good care of them and pull them out of my shoes every night. They're great :):):)

I don't take very much Ibuprofen so don't worry bought that, and I actually walk a lot better with these inserts! I don't drag my heel any more so that's good :P

Mom, that is sad that you can't even walk past my room :P have you guys done anything to it yet?? I  hope your new calling in Mia maids is fun!!

I bought a jump drive today so no worries :) and IDK how much money is my account but i'll look today :)

I love sleeping in my hammock on p-days!!!!!!!!! It's so comfy!!!!!! and its huge!! It's for two people and weighs like 10 lbs!!

Hannah hurry and send the new Missionary Man!!! Elder Beardsly wants to read it!!! :):):)
Here's a little information :)
Elder Beardsly doesn't have a girlfriend :) hes 20, his birthday is in February, and he as 11 months left in his mission.
He likes computers and he's smart! He has his bachelors degree in Business Management already! He is super cool, and nice and we get along great! I'm gonna send pictures through drop box can you put them on face book please??

The city we live in isn't very big. It's in the middle of the jungle and its kinda tiny :P we have a couple members that I really like, but right now our investigators aren't so great. Yesterday we lost a family of 7, who all had baptismal dates, because they're being dumb. But we're meeting with the parents again this week. So, we only have 4 members with baptismal dates now. We have 23 people that we need to re invite this week.

The people here are pretty humble, and if they offer you any kind of a gift, you take it or they get way offended and mad. I learned that with Sister Magnolia, who owns the ice cream shop. She gives us free ice cream. Once, I said "I'm OK" and she got way ticked until I took some!! Hahahaha :)

The view here is really pretty, but it does rain a lot, It's never cold, it just sucks being wet all the time.

There are so many freaking bugs here!!!!!!!! This morning me and Elder Beardsly killed 19 centipedes while studying over the course of 3 hours! UGH

I also caught a scorpion in our study room and we have 2 crickets that live in our bedroom that we can never find. And dogs! Wild dogs and chickens and cars are everywhere here! Less cats, but especially dogs and chickens. It's super, super sad.

The people here act a little weird. They change babies diapers in public, and just breastfeed right in front of you! and all sorts of stuff. NUTS.
It's pretty clean here. Like, there isn't a ton of trash, or garbage, or anything. But, there is dirt and sand. LOTS of it! We're always dirty with dirt and stuff but not like gross dirty or germy (mom) :P The beach is about 20 minutes away, and I think we might go see it next week.
Thank you for being such an amazing family!!! :):):) I love and miss you all very much! It's awesome to think that the weeks are flying by here, and I never really have time to miss you or worry about all of you!!!!! I know that you will all be OK. 

Dad I'm sorry that I can't mow the lawn anymore.  Maybe Dawson can??;) Hahaha 

Mom, I really can't think of anything I need that I cant get down here. We can't get regular mayonnaise, ours has lime in it. We can't get good cereal, and spices are expensive!  But I will be able to get stuff for cheap when we go to Tuxtla next week for our immigration cards.
I love all of you!!! Have a great week, and thanks so much for everything :):):) I love you!!!

ELDER Jake Dansie

Seriously, this face is too funny. Roughest day ever!

Mission President, His Wife, and the Guatemalan companion Jake spent his first days with

At the Mission Presidents home

Tuxtla Gutierrez Temple COOL!

Elder Beardsly These boys need some sun!

His first dinner in Mexico!



  1. Oh my gosh he looks amazing!!! He sounds so happy and TOTALLY like his old self!!

  2. Jake looks darling in his pictures! Love his hair! I would say that his first meal looks pretty good. Now if we can get a picture of what he really eats daily. :-) Jett thinks the Toad picture is like AWESOME! Total boy thing huh! So glad he has a nice companion to start off with! You can tell he is growing and maturing already! What a cute boy that Jake is! Thank you for updating us weekly! It is fun to have a family missionary to talk and pray for!