Monday, September 2, 2013

Beware of Scorpions in the shower

Hey Moma and Papa Bear!!

Sad, I didn't get any emails today, but i'm sure ya'll were busy! ;)

Wow this week has been crazy!!! I forgot to tell you that we had the babtism of Lucero last week in the river!!! It was fun!!!

As of right now, we have 0 progressing investigators, and 0 baptismal dates and the members are being baby's about helping us and supporting the activity were going to have. The activity where we have an open house and tour of the church with a American breakfast, french toast and hash browns!!! Thanks Dad!!!

Also, on Friday we had an interview on the radio for our activity, and to tell who the Mormons are with Hermano Joel, he's awesome!! He knows like 5 languages and is a pilot and writes and plays music and teaches kids how to do all that stuff and he does service for kids with cancer in the hospital every weekend. He's great!!! We also have another radio interview on the 18th!!!

The website where you can listen to it is
Then you can hear my Spanish!!! Tell everyone!! It will be at 8 pm here so IDK what that is there.

Monday we went to Arriage and played soccer with the Latinos.
We were coming back from Arriaga and we got stopped by the solders! The other Elders were like.. "oh its only the customs officers who check immigration you're fine" ( cuz i was illegal for about 3 days) then a customs officer got on the bus!!! I was freaking out and thinking oh shiz.. So I said two little prayers that I would be kept safe and kept from being arrested and deported! It's probably the most ironic thing ever, an american worrying about being deported to the States from Mexico..........

So I was standing in the isle, and as the officer got close I just knew he was gonna pick me cuz I was standing and didn't have a seat. And he walked right up to me and then turned to Elder Jenson who was sitting right next to me!! He asked him for his identification, and the he left!!! He only checked Elder Jenson!

Tuesday we just walked. Wednesday we went to Tuxtla at freaking 5 in the morning for immigration. I got up and showered and left the bathroom. Then Elder Beardsly went in and was like "Elder ther'es a huge scorpion!!" and I was like "where?" I had just showered and didn't see anything!

It was in this hole between the tile and wall about 6 feet up where the tile stopped. We touched it with this big kitchen knife, and it came out!! and then we went to get his shoes to knock it down and stab it, and when we came back and it was gone! 

So he threw water down the hole and sprayed some of my deet in the hole and nothing happend. So then he's like, "ok i'm gonna shower". Now, mind you, its like 4:30 AM... when I hear him yell " ELDER!!" the scorpion had came back out of the hole and attacked him while he was pooping! So then Elder Beardsly yells the famous quote that he will never live down...  " This isn't cool! It's 4:30AM I have a poop in the toilet, I have to shower and catch a bus and there's a giant scorpion trapping me in my bathroom!!!" LOL

I laughed so hard, then i knocked it down and killed the sucker! I have him in a bow with my other 3. (Yes I have a collection)

We went to Tuxtla and when we go  to Arriaga we were going to be late for the bus, so Elder Beardsly prayed that we could make it on time. When got there, we found out that our bus had already left but it had broken down about 100 yards outside of the gate! We made it!!! So then we went to Tuxtla and had McDonald's and came back home. The evil scorpion did not ruin our day.

Friday we had the radio interview and 1000's of people were listening! It was epic and we got 100's of comments and questions!! It was awesome!!!

But, we still have no progressing investigators or baptismal dates. Were gonna keep working though!!!

I love you all and thanks so much for your support!! Until next week, remember that everything is possible with the Lord, and he does protect his children. He is always there for us, and the atonement and priesthood always will work for us. We just have to have faith.

I love you all,

Oh P.S. I forgot to tell you 2 more cool things!!

A member when know  Hermano Lexxmy, his godmother and godfather were murdered, shot in the head!  And since the day it happened, he has been seeing angels at night! So... that's crazy.

And another Hermano, Juan Diego, an investigator, we taught him about the BOM. Then a while after, he told us that he had a vison, like a dream!! The dream was of two guys on white horses who led him to another guy who had a big white beard.

He was standing in front of a huge door with crazy designs on it. Then the guy with the big white beard reached out and gave him (Juan Diego) a big hug. He said that he felt so warm! But, he went to work somewhere and hasn't been around for like a week. So we haven't taught him again.
Anyway, that's all. Love you!!!
Jake's First Baptism Lucero (on left)

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